Purlin Installation

The installation of purlin should be carried out after the installation of steel support (TIE), horizontal support and inter column support, and after the main body of steel structure is adjusted.

The purlin clit shall be marked on the steel section according to the required size and the purlin clit shall be welded and fixed according to the line. The welding position of purlin clit in the same row shall be in a straight line, and shall be vertical to the steel beam (column).

For the roof whose slope is less than 1:12.5, attention should be paid to eliminate the roof irregularities caused by steel beam deflection when installing purlins

The sag rod between purlins plays a stabilizing role on purlins. During installation, nuts at each end of purlins on both sides of purlins should be tightened to straighten purlins

Welding operations must be carried out by certified welders.