Nut Bolt Torque Details

Torque details in nut bolt tightening

We do not use these values if a different torque value or we make sure fasteners threads tightening procedure is given for specific application are clean and that you properly.
Torque values listed are for general use only. We check thread engagement. This tightness of fasteners periodically.will prevent from failing when tightening. Shear bolts are designed to fail under predetermined loads. We always replace shear bolts with identical propertyclass.

Fasteners should be replaced with the same or higher property class. If higher property class fasteners are used, these should only be tightened to the strength of The original.

"Lubricated" means coated with a lubricant such as engine oil, or fasteners with phosphate and oil coating. "Dry" means plain or zinc plated without any lubrication.

Tighten plastic insert or crimped steel-type lock nuts to approximately 50 percent of the dry torque shown in the chart, applied to the nut, no to the bolt head. Tighten toothed or Serrated-type lock nuts to the full torque value.