Foundation of Steel Structure

The biggest difference between the old and new codes should pay attention to using the characteristic value of bearing capacity instead of the standard value.

The current norms correspond to the selection of the foundation with the standard value, that is, the bottom area of the foundation, and the calculation of the foundation should not be confused according to the design value

The basis for settlement check calculations required is different from the old code, so be careful not to omit

The requirements for the foundation of steel structure treatment (including filling soil) should be clearly marked, all data requirements should be filled in, and corresponding information should be submitted for new processes.

The pile type, bearing layer, bearing value, test pile requirements, anchor pile requirements, and settlement requirements should be stated in the selection of pile foundation.

The connection requirements of piles and caps must meet the requirements of the specification.

In addition to satisfying the requirements of bending and shearing resistance, the foundation should pay attention to local pressure. At present, some foundations often neglect the shear calculation except for the calculation area.