Erection Process

Our erection coordinator will always be present there from the beginning to finish the work.

After material delivery of a certain portion of "Structure", we mobilize our erection team at site.

After completing or arranging their living place or temporary shed at site, we also provide the supporting erection tools also.

Tools and other small items will be stored in a temporary store room at site.

At the initial stage, the erection team carry the members and start their materials sorting work from material unloading place to target place.

For heavy materials lifting from PL to elevated area we use crane. Members of small types we carry manually.

We use roller pipe or hand carrying systems (When necessary)

Sometimes we use a standpipe and chain pulley. (Where crane cannot be used)

We use scaffolding and pipes for erecting structures. (When require)

Secondary joists will be fixed manually using ropes and chain pulleys.

After completing the main grid erection, we check the deflection limit of the erected section and then take necessary steps (if require)

If required, welding machine and gas cutter set we use at site.

After checking the superstructure and getting clearance from the site, we will start our decking sheet/ Roof sheet fixing work.

We use screw guns to fix the decking sheet on the secondary joist. Sometimes we use shear Stud guns to fix the shear studs to fully fill the design requirement taking the power facility from site.

Single one coat painting work we complete at site.